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Working in film lighting since 1996, Giles has always had a passion for his chosen field. His thirst for knowledge and learning drove him forward as he progressed in the industry, ultimately leading to the establishment of Raygun Lighting in 2009. Giles had a vision of building a business and a team that would embrace the same ethos as him, with the same desire to bring the best of themselves to any production, no matter what the size or scale.

As lighting has changed and evolved over the years, so too has the top-quality equipment that Raygun provides, along with a firm belief that the products they supply should be the best, no excuses. The combination of a dedicated, knowledgeable and creative team, along with the latest reliable, well-maintained lighting equipment is part of what Raygun Lighting prides itself on.

The Raygun team has worked both internationally and throughout New Zealand, accommodating cinematographers from all over the world. This has given the team a vast experience of how different countries and DOPs work, building on their knowledge and flexibility to accommodate different approaches and equipment.

With so much experience across the Raygun team, they plan for every eventuality, thinking ahead to any potential issues and troubleshooting before the trouble starts. Their quick-thinking, problem-solving and cool heads ensure a safe and low stress working environment. They believe that open and honest communication is vital to the smooth running of a production and leads to the most positive outcomes for all.

At Raygun, they love it all: the creativity, the challenges, the planning and the problem solving. They take care of their projects and their team  with the knowledge that when everyone and everything feels valued, life just runs so much more smoothly.


The Raygun team has worked on an extensive and diverse range of productions, both internationally and throughout New Zealand, and they have loved every single one they have been involved in.

2022 - Sweet Tooth Season 2 - Netflix

2020 - Avatar Sequels - Lightstorm Entertainment

2020 - M3GAN - Blumhouse Pictures

2020 - Cowboy Bebop - Netflix

2019 - Falling Inn Love - Netflix

2018 - Wrecked Season 3 - TBS Entertainment

2018 - The Letter for the King - Netflix

2017 - The Roman Empire Season 2 - Stephen David Entertainment

2017 - The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 - MTV

2016 - Dear Murderer - Screentime Entertainment

2015 - Into The Rainbow - TW Films

2015 - Pete’s Dragon – Disney Productions

2014 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – The Weinstein Company

2014 - Nothing Trivial - South Pacific Pictures

2014 - The Kick – Great Southern Productions

2014 - Walking With Dinosaurs - BBC

2012 - The Hobbit – New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers

2011 - The Most Fun You Can Have Dying - 10 Cent Pictures

2010 - Paradise Café Season 2 - The Gibson Group

2008 - The Cult - Great Southern Productions

2007 - Avatar - Lightstorm Entertainment

2006 - The Hot House - The Gibson Group

2005 - King Kong - Universal Pictures

2004 - Insider’s Guide To Love - The Gibson Group

2003 - The Lord of the Rings “The Return of the King” - Universal Pictures

2002 - The Lord of the Rings “The Two Towers” - Universal Pictures

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